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Rebecca о себе: "I am a 23 year old Canadian, originally from the UK. I enjoy the outdoors, and travelling, and have made it my goal to see more of the world this year. I like helping others, and I believe in giving people the time of day, no matter how busy I may be. Some hobbies I indulge in include singing, baking, camping, and watching a good movie. I am passionate about teaching English, and I am currently completing my TESOL certificate to take my teaching to the next level. Prior to this, I obtained a BA in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I have worked with several schools, including English Aloud and Chongro Overseas International Institute. In addition, I tutor children in various subjects at a supplementary education centre in downtown Toronto, and provide online homework help through the website InstaEDU. I look forward to meeting my new students, and to helping them discover how fun language learning can be!"

Brian: "Hello, my name is Brian and I am a native English speaker from Seattle, USA. I am a TEFL certified English trainer and I have been teaching English for over 2 years. I have taught English in America, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany. I currently live in Germany where I am a full time General and Business English trainer. Due to my previous business experience, I specialize in the following areas of business: Legal English, English for Logistics, English for Finance and English for the Automotive Industry. I am also able to assist anyone who is preparing for an interview with the immigration authorities in English speaking countries. I like to use a communicative approach to teaching so that my students get the maximum amount of time speaking during their lesson. I plan my activities around the needs and interests of my students so that they have fun and get the maximum benefit from each lesson".

Stella: "Hi, my name is Stella. I'm an Australian and I live in Europe. I enjoy numerous activities such as reading, listening to music, surfing the internet, travelling when the opportunity arises and most of all dancing. I also like meeting up with friends over a cup of coffee. I have been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 10 years. I admire seeing the motivation in my students to learn a foreign language and feel great satisfaction when they achieve their goals. I teach students of all ages. I'm also an oral examiner for 2 of the biggest universities here in Greece. As I am bilingual I understand the difficulties in learning a second language and I want all of my students to really enjoy learning English. 

I look forward to meeting you!"

Tina: "Hi, my name is Tina. I am Australian and I now live in Greece. I love meeting new people from different cultures and countries around the world. I have traveled extensively and have vast knowledge in many things, including business and management. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for many years. I also love young children and find it immensely satisfying sharing my language and culture. I look forward to speaking with you soon!"

Fredy о себе: "Hi there! My name is Fredy and I am а full-time CELTA qualified English teacher. I am highly motivated to help you with General or Business English, English for Specific Purposes (Legal English, English for Oil and Gas Industry, English for Banking and Finance, English for Engineering, English for Medicine). I can also help you out if you want to prepare for your English exams (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, BULATS, GMAT). I always have fun when teaching as I think students learn best in а happy environment. I have taught English to foreign students in Italy, United Kingdom (Essex and Somerset), Colombia and Russia over the past 7 years. I have taught teenagers and adults of all levels of English and I have trained other teachers, too".

Shona о себе: "My name is Shona. I am a native English speaker living in Ireland. I am relaxed, friendly and progressive in my lessons. I have experience teaching over Skype with many different nationalities in one-to-one lessons, and I have experience teaching young children in person. I am very adaptable so will be able to make a lesson plan to suit your English needs".

Susan: "I am a certified and experienced English teacher. I have a master's degree in education. I have taught students of all ages, from young children through adults. I have specific experience teaching adults to speak, read and write English".

Kaye: "I have taught English as a Second and Foreign Language for 5 years now handling student’s ages from 5-60 years of age with different English Proficiency levels from beginners to advance. I teach general English from writing, listening, reading and comprehension skills. If you are a traveler, then we can discuss topics about travel, different countries, and languages. If you are studying English for business or professional purposes, I can teach you with business using Cambridge Intelligent Business or Communication Business book. I can also help you with any job interview preparation and we can do a mock interview class as well.

Learning English is very easy if you are determine, but I think the hardest thing that a student can encounter is to speak English with confidence. As your teacher, I think it’s my duty to help you gain your own confidence so that you will talk naturally, confidently and fluently in English. This is teacher Kaye and I would like to see you in my class!"

La Reine так написала о своем опыте: "I am an experienced English teacher, who is enthusiastic, personable, and open-minded. I started my teaching career in 2004 and taught English to students of vast diversity and culture using the communicative approach. In 2007, I was sent to Japan to be a Tagalog Instructor for the US Army’s two-month language program. Soon after, I went to Thailand to work as an English teacher and was privileged to teach medical professionals in one of the best university hospitals in the country.

In 2009, I went to the Philippines to work as a Corporate English Trainer: I taught various levels of General and Business English to professionals from Europe by phone or Skype. I am currently working as a home-based English teacher teaching students from France and Spain".

Райан о себе: "Hi, My name is Rynhard Grey or Ryan for short. I am a TEFL teacher with teaching experience in China, my responsibilities included: Preparing and giving classes, helping students with homework. and giving extra classes for struggling students. Also formulating and marking tests for the students.

I am a teacher that prefers to use alternative methods, such as flash cards, role playing,and language games to ensure that the student is having fun and learning as well as well as having their full attention in learning".

Полина написала о себе: "My name is PAULLY and I am from TORONTO, CANADA. I have been teaching BUSINESS and CONVERSATIONAL English for the past 5 years! I have been to North America and Europe.
I like to travel and I have taught many students  from all over the world in universities, private schools, companies and online. I also have experience teaching children. I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO and I am TESOL certified. If you need English for business, traveling, studies or immigration, I am here to help you REALIZE YOUR GOALS! I have also helped many students prepare for the IELTS. My lessons are FUN, PRACTICAL and INTERESTING".

Darren J. Glenn is an American English Instructor living in New York. A Trinidadian-born native English teacher, Darren has a particular insight into phrasing and idioms in American English. In addition to English, Darren can also speak German and Spanish.

While earning his Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Syracuse University, Darren studied literacy and literacy education. Upon graduating in 2013 he began work with an international literacy non-profit organization. He also received his certification for TEFL from Bridge-Linguatec University in 2013 and has worked as a one-on-one tutor for students from Somalia, Bhutan and China.  Darren is able to work with any student’s daily experiences to build language competence and break down the most complicated aspects of English grammar and vocabulary into easily understandable lessons.


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